Sunday, March 5, 2006

First Post

In AD 122 the Roman Emperor Hadrian built a wall across England to separate Romans from the Barbarians. It is said that any place north of Hadrian's wall was a wild land. This blog is about the space north of Hadrian's wall. For this blog Hadrian's wall is a metaphor describing the boundary between the known spaces and uncharted territory.

As someone who has been involved with nuclear and environmental programs in eastern Idaho since 1989, I've chosen to open a news & discussion blog on nuclear energy and nonproliferation topics.

This blog is a non-commercial effort. It is independent of affiliation with any government agency, industry firm, lobby or activist organization. I will post on a wide variety of topical news items and will link, whenever possible, to free original sources of information. Typically, I will be writing about news items with broad public interest. It is not a forum for insider gossip. Comments on blog topics are welcome. Posting will be light usually less than ten items a week.

Please forward this message and blog address to others and link to it from your website or blog if you like what you see.