Friday, February 2, 2007

Penny for your thoughts

A penny stock outfit from Virgina called Alternative Energy Holdings is proposing to build a 1,500 Mw nuclear power plant in southeastern Idaho halfway between Boise, ID, and the Nevada state line.

Some nuclear industry experts at the Idaho National Laboratory were skeptical and noted that AEH had not contacted the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license application.

The anti-nuclear Snake River Alliance spun itself up like a top with a press release to the news media. The group published a fact sheet titled "Fly by Night" nuclear and included links to various news media reports on the planned plant. The group took the proposal far more seriously than pro-nuclear industry groups perhaps because of the publicity opposing it that would be generated as a result.

The Nuclear Energy Institute, an industry group based in Washington, DC, publishes a series of reports on proposed new plants. It included the AEH proposal on the list published in January 2007.

This proposal may turn out to be a bunch of wig bubbles. Watch for future reports on this blog.

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