Monday, April 21, 2008

Rethinking nuclear power ~ Class 4 is up

Bob Hargraves continues his online tutorial from Dartmouth

Readers of this blog will recall that Bob Hargraves is teaching an eight-part class at Dartmouth called "Rethinking Nuclear Energy," and he is publishing his slides and lecture notes online. Part 4 is now online along with Parts 1-3. There are reading lists, links to online resources, and exercises tied to the class. It is a great resource.

Bob has been updating me on the class and here is his latest note.

I had a great time in class today. We finished "3. Environmental Choices" and presented most of "4. Current Technology", which started off with a review of the Rickover influence by ex-submariner Howard Schaeffer, who also worked at local nukes Seabrook and Vernon. Both sessions are now posted on the website below.

The students are having a great chuckle with the homework problem about Vermont's energy crisis.

PS: Partway down the main page I posted "Nuclear Power Physics in 4 Pages", by Ben Brabson of Indiana University. It's a concise introduction to his physics course.

Bob is also the publisher of the blog Pebble Bed Reactor. You can check out the class and the blog anytime.

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