Sunday, August 23, 2009

NRC clears Indian Point on safety issues

You know it don’t come easy

The NRC said Aug 12 Entergy’s Indian Point nuclear power station has no safety issues that would stop the agency from issuing a license for it to operate for another 20 years. The agency issued a Safety Evaluation Report (SER) that contains its formal finding. A review of environmental issues is still in progress. In a press statement the NRC said . . .

“The results show that the applicant has identified actions that have been or will be taken to manage the effects of aging in the appropriate systems, structures and components of the plant and that their functions will be maintained during the period of extended operation.”

The State of New York has opposed re-licensing Indian Point. New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has called the twin reactor site, which is 40 miles north of Manhattan, “a danger to New Yorkers.” The state government has continued to try to shut down the reactors despite a commitment by Entergy to spend over $100 million on plant improvements following the recommendations of an independent safety evaluation last year.

The NRC, which has sole authority over the license, said in its statement, “Issuing the final SER is a significant milestone in the license renewal review process.”

The next step is the SER and the license renewal application have been provided to the ACRS, an independent body of experts that advises the NRC on reactor safety matters. The ACRS will discuss the SER during its Sept. meeting.

NY Post asks who's on first?

The New York Post published an editorial Aug 16 in which it said the decision comes not a moment too soon because, despite the current recession, demand for electricity is growing in the New York region.

The newspaper also asked why the state opposes the license renewal when "it has no real plan to replace the electricity that would be lost." Finally, the editorial points out an energy plan released by New York Governor Paterson describes the "potential impacts of closing Indian Point including higher electricity prices and more CO2 emissions."

You have to ask the question of who is in charge in New York, Gov. Patterson or Mr. Cuomo?

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Ringo Star – It don’t come easy

So here’s a musical tribute to the licensing team at Entergy’s Indian Point plant who beat the reaper and are well on their way to another two decades of safe operations.

His best song.

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