Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yet more bloggers for nuclear energy

2010 is off to a great start with three new blogs and one re-start

bloggingThere are three new nuclear blogs and one re-start. There’s a lot more activity in the blogsphere as the new year gets underway.

It is an exciting time to be involved with the nuclear energy industry and this enthusiasm is reflected in the work the these blogs. In fact, it is positively smoking!

The authors all come to their adventures in online publication from different perspectives and no one can say that nuclear bloggers are not independent thinkers. It is this energy and commitment to intelligent and civil dialog which makes them worth reading.

Yes Vermont Yankee

Meredith Angwin is not someone who will let politics or ignorance stand in the way of progress or carbon emission free nuclear energy. She’s been working up to publishing a blog about Vermont Yankee for some time and has finally punched the big red ‘publish’ button to launch it.

‘Yes Vermont Yankee’ is a blog in support of the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. Vermont Yankee is due to be relicensed in 2012, but is fighting fierce opposition from well-organized groups.

Meredith writes . . .

The Vermont Yankee power plant has been a asset to Vermont by providing safe, clean, reliable, inexpensive power. It has provided good jobs, charitable donations, and taxes. Yankee's low-cost electricity encourages business and employment in Vermont. Vermont Yankee has been, and can remain, a boon to the state and the region.

It is time that Vermont Yankee supporters become organized. This new blog can be a place where we can trade information. I hope it will become a rallying point for plant supporters.

Meredith Angwin does not work for Vermont Yankee. She is a physical chemist, and a writer, but the blog is not part of her paid work. It is an independent effort.

Nuke Power Talk

Gail H. Marcus, Ph.D., has a distinguished career in the nuclear energy field including a stint as president of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). I had the privilege of talking with her about blogging for an hour last November at the ANS winter meeting in Washington, DC.

In response to her question about ideas for topics, I suggested she write what she knows, and what she feels strongly about, in the nuclear energy field. She is doing just that at Nuke Power Talk. See especially her latest blog post ‘New Years Reflections’ which is important advice for the industry.

Dr. Marcus continues to work as a consultant in the nuclear industry. The blog is an independent effort.

Nuclear Dialogues

This pro-nuclear blog is published by Patrick McEwen, a University of Wisconsin nuclear engineering student. He's off and running so stop by to say hello.

His eye-catching logo suggests a terrific creative streak which should serve this engineer in training well in his career. It’s a knockout.


This blog is published by Andrea Jennetta, publisher of Fuel Cycle Week, in Washington, DC. The blog has been on standby since August 2009. Blogging will resume the week of January 4, 2010. Andrea has nearly two decades of experience in the nuclear industry.

You will find reading her insights and analysis well worth your time. For instance, her first blog post in 2008 ‘Dumping on Yucca’ took on people who called Yucca Mountain a “dump” instead of by its proper name which is a spent fuel repository.

Go Andrea.

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Thanks for the publicity for my blog and the compliment about the logo, I made it myself.