Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Obama announces nuclear loan guarantee for Southern

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I found the news media coverage to be overwhelming which shows what happens to an issue when the President says something about it. See video below courtesy of Clean Skies.

The New York Times has other ideas and published a mostly one sided "debate" about the loan guarantees. The news coverage from reporter Matt Wald is in a different section of the newspaper.

There is 18.5 billion authorized for the current round of loan guarantees. Southern got $8.3 B leaving enough, at this rate, for two more sites. My guess is they'll be Calvert Cliffs and V.C. Summer. NRG may have been the first mover with their COL application, but the firm is embroiled in an increasingly difficult legal battle with CPS Energy over costs. The dispute could impact their chances.

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Clean Skies video of President Obama's announcement
Text of news reports and link to video at Clean Skies

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Jason Ribeiro said...

I see this event as only one of many milestones that need to be accomplished before we can consider the nuclear revival to be in full blossom. President Obama is following through with his 'yes' vote on the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which established this round of loan guarantees. However, 5 years have passed since the program was established. This is good progress, but I would like to see the rate of progress speed up a little bit.

friend2all said...

There is a huge difference between no new American nuclear reactors started in 30 years and one (or more accurately two) nuclear reactors being started in this span of time.
There are an infinite number of irrational numbers that exist between the number zero and the number one.
There is an infinite amount of irrational misinformation and unjustified free floating fear about nuclear energy between no reactors started in 30 years and one (or perhaps two) reactors started in that span of time.
The President shows himself to be an energy pragmatist instead of an ideologue (to the benefit of the nation and its future).

Joffan said...

Very heartening to see the president making this announcement. He could have chosen to let Dr Chu do it, or give it out as a press release, or any number of low-key ways to award the loan guarantee. But he stood up and put his approval and profile on it. Good news.