Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Areva inks nuclear deals in Italy

It also makes progress with its medical isotope program

italianlandscapeOn April 9 French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and Anne Lauvergeon, CEO of AREVA, signed three nuclear energy cooperation agreements in Paris with its industrial and academic partners.

The agreement is part of the rapidly changing Italian energy landscape which has gone in less than three years from an outright ban of nuclear energy to a full embrace of its climate friendly operation.

The agreements were developed in collaboration with Jean-Louis Borloo, the French Minister for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea, Claudio Scajola, the Italian Minister for Economic Development, and Stefania Prestigia-como, the Italian Minister for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea.

New reactors - The first agreement, signed with Giuseppe Zampini, CEO of Ansaldo Energia, will allow AREVA and Ansaldo to build four 1,650 MW EPR reactors in Italy reducing its reliance on coal. This AREVA-Ansaldo partnership will cover cooperation in engineering, the supply of certain components, construction and fabrication, and commissioning tests.

Nuclear energy exports - The second agreement, signed with Enrico Bonatti, CEO of Techint, paves the way for the two companies to cooperate on future turnkey nuclear projects world-wide, thanks to Techint’s experience and know-how in the design and construction of large industrial facilities.

Nuclear engineering education - A parallel agreement was signed with several Italian academic organizations for training and education of new nuclear engineers. The training agreement was signed with Giuseppe Forasassi, President of CIRTEN, the inter-university consortium for nuclear research and technology which includes the universities of Rome La Sapienza, Pisa, Padua, Palermo, Polytechnic Milan and Polytechnic Turin.

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Medical isotope R&D with University of Cincinnati

Alpha emitters kill cancer cellsAREVA, through its subsidiary AREVA Med, signed a research agreement with the University of Cincinnati (Ohio) to develop a new treatment to combat cancer. AREVA will provide the medical-grade isotope Lead-212 to the university to conduct research on alpha radio-immunotherapy using this isotope to treat prostate cancer.

Treatments using a medical-grade Lead-212 isotope produced by AREVA have proved promising in several research efforts. Over the past several years, AREVA and its partners have worked to demonstrate significant benefits with Lead-212 when used as an innovative type of nuclear medicine to combat cancer.

“There is no doubt the nuclear renaissance will also benefit nuclear medicine." said Jacques Besnainou, CEO of AREVA Inc.

Patrick Bourdet, CEO of AREVA Med added, “This agreement illustrates the growing interest of the scientific community in creating treatments using AREVA’s medical-grade Lead-212.”

In March 2010 AREVA announced plans to build a new medical isotope production facility in southern France.

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