Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nuclear energy videos for Monday August 16

Another in the weekly series to brighten your first day back on the job

All videos are absolutely safe for work.

First light bulbs powered by nuclear energy

This is a visual tour with interviews about EBR-1. How does a nuclear engineer turn on a light bulb? He plugs it into a reactor.

Too bad all we have on Facebook is Farmville

Areva Funkytown commercial . . . It's entertaining and informative. Too bad we don't have a simulation like it on Facebook instead of one running a farm.

Reactor safety analysis? Well maybe not!

Frets on Fire . . . This is not an animation of nuclear probabilistic risk assessment software. You can actually get this software for home use and play any song with it.

A coke commercial that a nuclear engineer could love.

I like this one just because Coke actually spent money to get it made. Wonderful for kids.

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1 comment:

Nick Touran said...

Looks like Areva hired the same firm that did the Royksopp video!

I had the same idea when I first saw it.