Thursday, October 28, 2010

Small reactors roll at Savannah River

GE-Hitachi inks deal to demonstrate PRISM technology. Former ANS President Tom Sanders, an expert on SMRs, will lead an energy park project.

small reactorsThe Department of Energy lab at the Savannah River Site (SRS) has some exciting developments in the realm of small modular reactors (SMRs). It will be the new home of a project to demonstrate the technology for the GE-Hitachi 299 MW PRISM small modular reactor, sodium cooled “fast reactor.” The PRISM design generates electricity by using recycled spent nuclear fuel.

GE-Hitachi (GEH) has signed an agreement with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS) which will support licensing and deployment of a reactor at the site.

Garry Flowers, CEO of SRNS, said in a statement the lab will collaborate with GEH “to determine the suitability of deploying a prototype Generation IV PRISM reactor at SRS.”

This is the second SMR project to be inked at SRS. Earlier this year the lab signed a similar agreement with Hyperion Power Generation to develop the technology associated with a 25 MW metal cooled fast reactor.

Sanders to lead energy park

SandersTom Sanders (right) , an expert on SMRs, will lead the development of an energy park at SRS where the SMR projects will take place. The energy park will be a center for public/private partnerships and provide science and technology support for SMRs and related projects.

Sanders is an Associate Laboratory Director at SRNS and the past president of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Previously, Sanders was manger of an SMR initiative at Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico. There he developed partnerships that evaluated new reactor designs, fuel cycle technologies, and safety and security measures for new reactors.

The SRS Community Reuse Organization, an economic development group, is working on a proposal to set up the energy park on a 2,700 acre site. It would support joint ventures involving nuclear fuels, energy research, and other commercial nuclear power technology development activities.

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SteveK9 said...

GE seems to be anxious to sell this as anything other than a fast breeder reactor. First it was a waste destroyer, now a small modular reactor. Whatever, it would be good to see it developed.