Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ameren gets backing for second reactor at Callaway

Coalition of utilities will seek an early site permit

phoenixOnce considered deader than the proverbial doornail, the proposal for a second reactor at Ameren's Callaway site has risen like the mythical phoenix bird. It's flight is aided by support from a broad coalition of electric utilities, which need the power, and significantly, by Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, who wants the thousands of jobs for his state that would come with the project.

These developments are significant because the effort to build the new reactor is being led by the governor. It is a first for the nation and stands in stark contrast to the hostile stances of newly elected governors in New York and Vermont who want to shut down reactors in their states.

In Missouri Gov. Nixon said in an official statement new nuclear generating capacity would transform the state economy, create new jobs, and maintain Missouri's affordable electricity rates which are among the top ten cheapest in the U.S. Nixon made the announcement in Jefferson City, MO, with community, labor, and business leaders standing by his side.

Read the full details exclusively at the Energy Collective now online.


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