Monday, November 22, 2010

OP ED in New York Daily News about Indian Point

Gwyneth Cravens and I collaborate on it

I am pleased to report that the New York Daily News has published an OP ED in defense of the Indian Point twin reactors which New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has vowed to close.

We identify the reasons why this is a bad idea, and we caution the newly elected governor to stop peddling baloney to the people of New York.

The term “baloney” is Cuomo’s who used it in 2007 to reject the findings of the National Academy of Sciences about Indian Point’s importance to the stability of the New York grid and the strength of the reactor containment building.

The New York Daily News is the city's second largest general circulation newspaper. This is editorial is important in influencing those that have not previously even thought about energy in general or nuclear energy specifically. For subway straphangers, it tells them the electricity that powers their ride to work comes from nuclear energy.

Ms. Cravens is a noted author including "Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy." I am the publisher of this blog.

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Edmundton Euler said...

I wish Cuomo was more accessible, his overwhelming popularity during the election meant he did not have to face questions from the public.