Thursday, February 3, 2011

U.K. will depend on France for nuclear revival

EdF and Areva have to get organized at home

distractionThe United Kingdom currently has 19 nuclear reactors producing just under 20 percent of the nation's electricity. All but one of the reactors has to be replaced by 2023.

Development of new coal-fired power stations isn't an option, given the challenges of global warming and the finite limitations of North Sea natural gas supplies.

The U.K. government is committed to a plan for seven new reactor sites supporting a build out of 19 GWe of nuclear power.

As many as nine 1600-MW Areva EPRs could be built in the U.K. by Electricite de France (EdF) on four of the sites. Two more sites are wide open in terms of selecting a reactor design.

To deliver this awesome capability, EdF and Areva , which are both owned by the French government, must find new ways to work together. The road to success is full of potholes caused by confusion at the highest levels of the French government on how this is supposed to take place.

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