Friday, August 19, 2011

TVA approves completion of Bellefonte

The utility's board of directors will spend $4-5 billion completing the 1,260 MW reactor

bellefontecolorfieldIn a unanimous vote August 18, the board of directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority  (TVA) voted to finish construction of the Bellefonte nuclear reactor located in northeast Alabama. The vote followed a three hour meeting that heard from 50 people.

Image of Bellefonte with artist’s conception of colorized cooling towers courtesy of Popatomic Studios.

TVA CEO Tom Kilgore said completing the project is the right move for the utility's 9 million rate payers. It will provide needed electricity to the region without adding to carbon emissions.

In response to comments from about 50 people during the three hour meeting, Kilgore said the board has been fully engaged in understanding safety issues related to the events that took place in Fukushima, Japan, last March.

"As we build Bellefonte we will integrate safety modifications from an extensive review of the lessons learned from Fukushima. Making Bellefonte a productive asset, with state of the art equipment, will add to TVA's generating mix."

The construction phase of the project, which will begin after TVA completes the Watts Bar reactor in 2013, will generate about 2,800 jobs and 650 permanent positions. It is expected to enter revenue service by 2020.

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