Friday, October 28, 2011

ANS Winter Meeting 10/30-11/3

I'll be in Washington, DC, for the next week working at the American Nuclear Society winter meeting.  I'll be posting at the ANS Nuclear Cafe during this time and also supporting the ANS Twitter feed with hashtag #ans11  @ans_org

I've got some interesting people lined up for interviews for the ANS 'cafe' blog and will be posting "hall talk" summaries every evening. 

If you or your organization has something interesting to share, like a technical session, paper, or exhibit booth, drop me a line:

The meeting includes an embedded topical session on small modular reactors.  One day registration is available on-site at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, Calvert at Connecticut, NW.

In terms of the nuclear energy blogsphere, there will be a social media meet up Tuesday, 11/1, from 6:30-8:30 PM. If you have a pro-nuclear blog, or other social media channel, please stop by.

I'll be around the conference every day starting Sunday.  If you're a reader of this blog, and will be at the meeting, I'd like to hear from you in terms of what you think of this online publication.  Send me an direct message on Twitter @djysrv to get in touch.

Posting on this blog will be light until Nov 7th.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Social Media Meet Up November 1 at ANS Winter Conference

This is the 4th such meeting at an ANS national meeting

A meet-up of people attending the ANS Winter Meeting in Washington, DC, interested in the use of social media in the nuclear industry will be held Tuesday, November 1st from 6:30-8:30 PM in the Congressional “A” meeting room at the Omni Shoreham hotel. This is the conference hotel for the ANS meeting. (Google Map) (Red Line: Woodley Park-Zoo)

The ANS Public Information Committee is the official host of the social media meet up. There is no registration or cost to attend the social media meeting, which takes place after hours of the regular ANS conference sessions. Food and beverages will be available.


This conference social media meeting is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors.

· AREVA North America
· Nuclear Energy Institute

This will be the fourth time such a meeting has been held. Prior meetings have been held at ANS meetings in Hollywood, FL, (June 2011) Las Vegas, NV, (Nov 2010) and in Washington, DC, (Nov 2009).
The agenda for the meeting on Nov 1 starts at 6:30 PM. There will be additional time at the end of the agenda for personal interchange with meeting participants.

6:30 PM  ~ Meet & Greet with drinks & light refreshments

7:00 PM ~ Call to Order
· Welcome – Laura Scheele, ANS
· Introduction of Sponsors – Dan Yurman
· NEI Welcome – Eric McErlain
· AREVA Welcome – Jarret Adams

7:15 PM ~ AREVA: Presentation on a new social media application for smart phones to improve communication and productivity

7:45 PM ~ Q&A

8:00 PM ~ Facilitated round table discussion – Dan Yurman

8:30 PM ` Informal small group or one-on-one discussions

Conference sessions on communications

Note there are two sessions on communications, advocacy, and social media taking place Monday afternoon Oct 31. There will be an additional session on government relations Wednesday afternoon. See the ANS conference program for details. You must be registered for the conference to attend these panels.

Please share this message with your friends and colleagues or post it on your blog.


Jarret Adams
Media Relations
Tel: 301-841-1695
Blog: AREVA North America: Next Energy Blog

· Nuclear Energy Institute
Steve Kerekes
Media Relations
Nuclear Energy Institute
Tel: 202-739-8073
Blog: NEI Nuclear Notes

· American Nuclear Society
Laura Scheele
Manager, Communications & Policy
American Nuclear Society
Tel: 708-579-8224
Blog: ANS Nuclear Cafe

Dan Yurman
Cell: 208-521-5726
Blog: Idaho Samizdat
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nuclear Energy Dead? Think Again

Another round of good news about nuclear energy
Serious efforts to get reactors built continue to make progress

nuclear fuel cycleIt is fashionable among green groups and others who have utopian visions of a low tech post industrial society to say that nuclear energy is finished as a result of the Fukushima crisis.

This is dead wrong. Charles D. Ferguson, President of the Federation of American Scientists, has an important essay in Foreign Policy Magazine on the subject.

In an article titled, "Think Again: Nuclear Power," he writes that while Japan has "melted down, that doesn't mean the end of the atomic age."

His point is that the fashionable approach to the nuclear fuel cycle is sometimes wrong.

Also, there is other positive news about nuclear energy. The NRC is making headway with the final design certification of the Westinghouse AP1000.

South Africa will try again to get financing and build new nuclear reactors instead of more coal plants.

Read the complete story exclusively at CoolHandNuke online now.

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