Friday, March 23, 2012

Update on San Onofre for 2012 03 23

Tubes found with excessive wear at Unit 2

The Los Angeles Times reported March 22 that excessive wear has been found on 129 tubes in the steam generator for Unit 2 at San Onofre. Previously, the problem of premature wear was limited to Unit 3.  Both steam generators were supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and installed in 2009.

Both reactor units remain out of service while the utility, the NRC, and the vendor try to find the root cause of the problem. That means the combined total of 2,200 MW of power isn't being generated by the plant.

In a separate development, California energy officials are predicting the possibility of power shortages in Los Angeles and San Diego if both units of San Onofre stay offline through the summer.  This development could give pause to people who might otherwise sign a petition being circulated by anti-nuclear groups to close San Onofre and Diable Canyon.  If the group collects 550,000 valid signatures, it could result in a November ballot initiative on the future of the power plants.

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Kit P said...

It's about time. California has a short memory.

In 2000, it was a drought year and one of the SONGS units was off line because of turbine bearing problems.

Senator Boxer likes to talk about the 9 million who live within a 50 miles of a nuke plant. Any earth quake big enough to damage a nuke plant will level most building trapping those folks in burning ruble. See SF quake of 1906. To make matter worse, transmission lines in California do not hold up very well during an seismic event.