Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Talking Turkey about nuclear energy

New deals continue to emerge with multiple countries

russiaIndustry analysts say we are living in the “post Fukushima era” when it comes to nuclear energy.  Chronologically this is a true statement, but in terms of deal making for new nuclear reactors, the drivers continue to be the need for reliable electrical power that does not depend on fossil fuels. 

The issue isn’t so much global warming as it is the case for energy security against the capricious waves of endless political change that can cut off a nation from its energy supply with a headline.

A prime example of this thinking is taking place in Turkey where the government has been engaged in a series of negotiations for the second nuclear power station at Synop, a site on the Black Sea. 

The second power station has been in play for several years with two Japanese consortiums and one from South Korea taking a look, but none inked a deal.  Now comes reports that the China National Nuclear Corp. and the China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp are interested in submitting a bid.

According to English language news media in Istanbul, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan was in Beijing April 9 where he signed an Agreement on Cooperation for Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy with his Chinese counterpart Win Jiabao. 

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