Monday, May 21, 2012

Jaczko resigns

NYT: Gregory Jaczko to Resign as chairman, NRC

Update 5/22/12: Here in Washington, DC, at the Platts SMR conference, several nuclear energy executives checked their smart phones about the news, shrugged, said they were relieved, and went back to the business to working on issues related to their companies.

If anything there was a sense of relief. Perhaps the inevitability of Jaczko's departure is best captured by the fact that no one mentioned it from the podium or in the Q&A for any of the sessions.  Hall talk was about the business of SMRs.

Jaczko's resignation ends a troubled history for the NRC.  The next chairperson of the commission will have an important task in addition to the usual duties that come with the job. It is to restore confidence that the agency is focused on its nuclear safety mission and not political agendas.

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