Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mix it up about MOX in Chattanooga

A hearing on the potential use of MOX fuel on two TVA reactors is set for September 11 

The American Nuclear Society is putting on a full court press over a MOX fuel hear on Tuesday this week.  They ask for your help with a September 11 public hearing in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

We need as many people to attend as possible. The hearing begins at 5:30 PM with an informational open house and the public testimony session starts at 6:30 PM.

See location information and fact sheet links below.

Chattanooga Convention Center
1150 Carter Street
Chattanooga, TN  37402

The Chattanooga hearing is an opportunity for the nuclear community to gather together, to make a stand and to make sure that the voice of reason is heard on this issue, not just in that hearing room, but everywhere we can reach.

The American Nuclear Society has long regarded the timely disposition of surplus weapons-grade plutonium to be vitally important to national security. In 2001-and again in 2009-ANS endorsed the application of MOX fuel technologies to accomplish this goal.

ANS Information on MOX and TVA
ANS members and its board have endorsed the important role that ANS should play as a professional society in informing the public about the nonproliferation benefits of the MOX fuel program and the safe and successful track record of manufacturing and using MOX fuel.

This endorsement by the ANS Board of Directors is not common in ANS position statements and underscores the importance of this issue.

Every credible scientific and technical organization in the world that has closely examined this issue has endorsed the use of MOX fuel technologies for this purpose.

This is too important to leave in the hands of those who would exploit public misunderstanding by engaging in street theater and shuffling about dressed as nuclear zombies.

Participating in this hearing will enable ANS members to ensure that a credible scientific and technical perspective on this important issue is conveyed in a public setting. There is a great deal of public misunderstanding and fear associated with the proposed options for plutonium disposition.

Why make a stand in Chatanooga?

Show up to make sure there are no red herrings at the MOX fuel hearing. 

In particular, nuclear opponents have focused attention in the Chattanooga area: Greenpeace has set up a local office, a regional anti-nuclear summit was recently held, and 'nuclear zombies' regularly make appearances.

ANS members and other nuclear professionals are playing an essential role in providing factual, credible information in a public setting to increase public awareness and to put relative risks into context.

Pro-nuclear participants needed for hearing

Your participation is needed! Even if you cannot make a public comment, please consider attending this hearing. Your presence will support and encourage ANS members who will be commenting, some for their first time. Let's make sure that the nuclear science and technology community is well represented and that the voice of reason is heard.

ANS is alerting its members in the Tennessee Valley area to this hearing. ANS members have been asked to identify themselves as ANS members, wear ANS-logo'd clothing (if possible—if not, match colors), indicate that they are commenting on behalf of ANS

ANS members would be commenting during the public comment session and will not be listed on the agenda. ANS will have designated media spokespeople at the hearing to handle media inquiries.

Even if you are uncomfortable with commenting during the public comment session, your attendance will help to demonstrate the strong nuclear science community in the Tennessee Valley area.

For more information contact

Laura Scheele
Manager, Communications & Policy
Communications & Outreach Department
American Nuclear Society

phone: (708) 579-8224

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