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The purpose of this blog is to have a “voice” in the dialog about nuclear energy, the global nuclear renaissance, and to be able to shape public views. This blog does not merely report the news. It attempts to answer the "so what" question when it comes to nuclear energy developments.

This blog is called 'Idaho Samizdat" because I spent 20 years working at the Idaho National Laboratory and have the dust from the volcanic cinders of the Arco desert in my shoes.

The Idaho lab is the home of the birth of the nation's commercial nuclear power industry.   The "samizdat" part comes from the fact it is a Russian word that means "self-published," which is a great name for a blog.  The blog came to be named "Idaho Samizdat" to distinguish its online presence both for its geographic birthplace and its heritage as a source of "unofficial" information. This blog does not speak for any vendor, agency, or organization.

Publication began in January 2007. The blog has been in continuous publication since then. For the month of April 2012, this blog had over 14,000 visitors and over 45,000 page views according to Google Analytics. About 63 percent of those visitors came from the U.S., and the rest came from 70 other countries.

Copyright - The content of this blog is protected by U.S. copyright laws. This blog has been continuously published since 2007.

About Me - Dan Yurman

From 2007-2012 I was a reporter for Fuel Cycle Week, a nuclear industry trade newsletter. I wrote about global markets for nuclear energy, uranium mining and enrichment, and related business developments.

Industry Recognition
October 2011 I organized and led a 1st-of-a-kind webinar with the Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission on reactor safety. The webinar was a joint project of the NRC and the American Nuclear Society.  I am a member of ANS and serve on its Public Information Committee.  Media coverage of the webinar is listed below.

In June 2011 I received a special recognition award from the American Nuclear Society for work on communication nuclear energy science and engineering information to the news media and the public during the Fukushima crisis.
  • In March 2012 launched the blog and Twitter feed @ngnpalliance of the NGNP Alliance, a consortium of heavy industry firms that seek to build a 300 MW high temperature gas cooled nuclear reactor for process heat applications  
  • In 2010 launched ANS Nuclear Cafe, the blog of the American Nuclear Society. I support the ANS Twitter feed @ans_org
  • In 2009 launched the Facebook page of the Idaho National Laboratory
Contact Me - If you have a question, or an idea for a blog post, drop me a line at: djysrv@gmail.com  Also, you can connect with me on Linkedin

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